Tuesdays are stupid days, the weekend is a vague memory and next weekend is still a long way off.

The Tuesday feeling, it’s better than the Monday blues but definitely not as good as Fridays.

And that’s where we feel we are at the moment. Tuesday. We worked hard on Monday, we made a lot happen, arranged a temporary house in Canberra, a rental car is already on standby at the airport and we will immediately meet some of our Dutch/Australian friends on our first day in Australia.

But what do after a busy and productive Monday? Daydream of the weekend? Question if it’s already Friday? Only to discover it still is…Tuesday! That’s a bit how the last few months felt. Let’s see how the last three months will feel. Total panic kicking in? 😉

I must admit, it’s definitely not a bad thing we still have some time left here. That’s time to meet some people, time to take out more junk to the dump (amazing how much junk you collect over the years, and having two big garages doesn’t help either ) And time to answer some difficult questions: What to put in the container and what not?

All our furniture, our mountain bikes and all other stuff we take to Australia will be in a big shipping container as of 6 December. This container will travel by boat to Sydney and then by truck to Canberra. All in all, it will take around 10 weeks door to door. So we have to think carefully about what to put in the container and what not.  You don’t want to be without clean underwear for 10 weeks do you? So…

  • Toothbrush: No.
  • Underwear: No
  • Clothing: Most of it?
  • Bed: Yes, but where are we going to sleep?
  • TV: Yes
  • Kitchenware: Hmmm… Good question, some of it?
  • Tools: Yes
  • Bike gear: Yes
  • Etc. etc.

Tools, bikes and gear is another story in itself. We will need to clean those items with a toothbrush otherwise everything will be stopped at the border due to quarantine issues (mud on the bikes) Same goes for camping and climbing gear, cooking equipment, untreated wood and a long long list of other stuff. Fully understandable but a lot of work so I better get started over the next few weeks now biking season is drawing to a close.

One thing that does gets easier and easier is parting from things that were important to you before. At some point you arrive at the point where you are more or less ready for the big leap and things are just like anchors from your past. Heavy and they keep you in one place.

A big thing was the house of course. But now we are OK with it. Another example is our little old caravan. We had some great great times with it. Camping on free campsites/parking-spots everywhere in the Alps region and more. You can stay in the most beautiful places for free if you look around a little. But in the end also the caravan has to go of course and selling this sort of stuff also frees your mind and simplifies your life. Nice!

A bit more of a complicated topic are our pets.The fish are easy. They live in a pond in the backyard so they stay behind for the new owners.

The rabbits have found a great place in Maaskantje (yes the one and only 🙂 ) A lovely couple have adopted Romeo & Julia and as they own a nice big property the bunnies have a very spacious set-up.

Last but not least the cats. That’s a completely different story, worth of a separate blogpost. The hoops you have to jump and the money it costs is mind boggling… but simply put; Nicky my dearest 21-year-old cat will move to my mother, there she is again: mother, your guardian angel! Someone you can always count on when you need some help. So happy Nicky  found a new home.

The other three cats will come with us. The 3 amigos are not yet past their due date so we’ll take them and introduce them to the Kangaroo’s. Looking forward to their first encounter already hahaha.

Another ‘to do’ is handing in my notice at Atos. My manager is (unofficially) already aware of our move and this week I also informed my main client. Finally, it is out in the open and the next few days I can tell it to my colleagues. Will probably create some waves, but that’s OK!

90 days to go!


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