One piece of advice to any aspirant migrant:

You need to have a deeply rooted love for lists.

During our visa application we had long lists of things to do: Get a new passport, get diplomas from education and courses you took a long long time ago, get letters of recommendation from former employers, get a report from the GP, get… etc. At some point the number of items on this list only seemed to increase and increase. And then suddenly, at some point, you discover the list is getting shorter and shorter! Till the point it’s finally empty and you are ready to receive your visa (in reality it was a bit more complicated than this, but you get my drift)

And then, before you know it, there is a new to do list?!?! This list has items like painting the bedroom, fixing a light fixture, clean up the garden and so forth and so forth. Same thing happens, items pop up from nowhere and the list grows and grows. You keep your head down and after (quite) a while the list gets shorter and shorter. Before you know it (Not really…) you have ticked of all items and you have a For Sale sign in the frontyard!

Does this mean the end of the ever-present lists? Of course not! Now the time has come to prepare the migration (I must admit, working on this list is way more exciting than any of the previous lists!) Now the list consist of getting the paper work for the cats in order, finding a place to live for the first few weeks, researching suburbs in Canberra,  finding the right insurances, translating CV’s, getting medical records, how to move your furniture, clothing, bikes and loads of other stuff across two oceans etc. etc.

And we are already creating the list of things to do for the first few weeks in Australia; Getting an Australian drivers license, Medicare, tax file number, telephone, buying a car and the list goes on and on…

Second piece of advice:

Make lists!

This is the only way to keep you sane in this insane process 😉

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