“…Zachtjes tikt de regen tegen mijn zolderraam…” This is a line from a famous Dutch song from the sixties (no, I am not that old but I know the lyrics anyway…) It means something along the line of: I hear the rain softly tapping my attic window.

A sound way to familiair to us Dutchies. It is 5 weeks into spring and the temperature hoovers around 8 degrees at noon. Rain, hail and sleet are fighting for the honours and surely don’t softly strike but slash brutally. In the midst of this we wait for the short periods of sun so we can take some reasonable pictures of our interior without having rain and thunder in the background through the windows. This translates into:

  1. Camera ready to go
  2. Checking the weather radar online.
  3. Waiting on a break in the clouds so to have a bit more light in the rooms.
  4. Run!
  5. Click! And hope for the best.

This exercise repeats itself a few times during the day. Most of our fellow countrymen are celebrating Kings-day today, but we have more important things to do (it suddenly strikes me that this is our last Kings-day in the Netherlands. Wow…! Another ‘last’.) But anyway, taking pictures with the climate we have is an arduous task. As soon as our house is up for sale you can tell me if you think we succeeded 😉

Another item on the dreaded ‘to do’ list is cleaning out cupboards, closets and the two garages. Although it is a bit easier to be motivated for this compared to doing home improvements; Decluttering your life feels good, less stuff crowding your life. Everything with some value is put up at (a Dutch E-Bay) and sold, which is a good thing as money does make the world go round. Another benefit is that it already gives insight in what, or what not to take to Australia later. We probably have a bit more time (and right state of mind) compared to the final stressful months before the move.

Last few days it was my ‘personal’ garage’s turn. The man cave where I keep all my bikes, motorbikes and more random stuff. Clean out 3 big cabinets, a few shelves and took apart a project motorbike I will never finish. Everything what looked even slightly obsolete needed to go which resulted in a nearly empty shed and two small trailers heading to the tip. Everything what is left now is sold over the next few months or kept till we move (and then dumped or taken with us.) Another benefit is that I can use some of the money to build my new mountainbike which I will definitely take to Canberra! There’s something good in every situation 😉

One thought on “Decluttering

  1. Tip voor de verkoop van spullen: zoek op Facebook naar een verkoop-groep in de regio (of meerdere). Wij hebben op deze manier veel van onze kleinere spullen voor een klein bedrag kunnen verkopen. Alle kleine beetjes helpen, toch? Succes!


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