Home Improvement

Woosh, woosh. Woosh, woosh…

Up and down went my paint roller. Up and down, and on to the next wall. The paint roller and me. We spent a lot of time lately. Much more than we ever did before. It is a behavior you see time and time again when people are moving house. Fixing all those things which were perfectly OK for the last X years but now suddenly really need fixing before you put the house on the market. Redecorating a bedroom you hardly ever used, cleaning out those closets, fix a leaking faucet and putting in some new flooring in a spare room (to name a few activities…)

I never enjoyed the home improvement thing very much. I just live in a house, it’s not a palace nor something to show off to your friends. Mind me, we have a great house in a very nice location but I am very good at looking the other way when I see a door still in undercoat instead of fresh paint. It is still a functional door isn’t it? (Oh man, I will fit in great in Australia hahaha)

The fact I won’t enjoy the upgrades to the house for long isn’t making it any easier to pick up some sandpaper and masking tape on Sunday morning… nor is it helping me to feel ‘ happy’. You know you do all of this for the next occupants anyway (This reasoning is flawed of course. I do it to make the house easier to sell and at a better price, which is the reward in the end but tell this to the Instant Gratification Monkey…)

The road to the Australian visa was long and the road to settle on a date for the big move took even longer. As it might seem bad, it also has a positive side. It gave me the time to get used to the idea that we would not only leave our friends and family behind but also our house (home!) in NL. This sounds, and is obvious, but still…

…Our home. The house with the beautiful, green, sunny garden. The big workshop and separate garage, the off street parking places, the quiet street. The house we have worked hard for, we thought it would be the last house we’d ever buy. Our home…! The thought of leaving it behind was a tough one. It probably was the re-start(?) of the emotional roller coaster which they call migration. And the last few days the roller coaster was gaining momentum.

At the moment all my time is divided between work, home improvement and sleeping. And I’m not digging it at all. Being a Generation X bloke, I am pretty bad at delayed gratification and moving to Australia versus sanding another window frame are not linked to each other at all in my brain. So my Instant Gratification Monkey is getting bored and he is not happy about it.

But the monkey has to move over for something bigger. The P-word. After the Global Financial Crisis the P-word looks more like the Grim Reaper than the Wolf of Wall street. Real estate prices in the Netherlands have decreased by 10 to 20% since 2008. And this is not good news for a lot of people. By the time we wanted to cash in on the ever rising house prices the markets have crashed and our house has lost every excess value it had (and more…) It is something we need to face pretty soon and I do not like what I see in the distance…

(It is the real estate agent with a undertakers face…)

To Be Continued

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